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S310: ScyllaDB Alternator

S310: ScyllaDB Alternator

Price: Free

This course focuses on ScyllaDB Alternator, an open-source project that gives ScyllaDB compatibility with DynamoDB

Course Description

This course was designed with application developers and architects in mind.

By the end of this course, participants will know how to migrate existing DynamoDB applications to work with ScyllaDB as well as create new ones that use the DynamoDB API.  You can read more about Project Alternator in this blog post and in the documentation.

Alternator is available as part of ScyllaDB Open Source. Originally made available with Release 3.2 as an experimental feature, it is now tested and ready for production deployments as of Release 4.0.

The course is work in progress and more lessons are coming soon.

It’s recommended you take the ScyllaDB Essentials course before taking this one.

*Course version S310.1