S210: Using ScyllaDB Drivers

S210: Using ScyllaDB Drivers

Price: Free

This is an intermediate level course that focuses on ScyllaDB drivers and how to use them for application development.

Course Description

This course was designed with application developers and architects in mind.

You can use drivers in multiple languages to interact with a ScyllaDB cluster. This course covers drivers for different languages, including Java, CPP, Rust, Golang, Python, Node.JS, and others.
By using ScyllaDB specific drivers you’ll improve cluster performance.
Besides ease of use, the main features of these drivers are:
1. Paging Support: Fetching each page from the same coordinator node, which can cache the state. This results in better throughput and lower latencies.
2. Shard Awareness: Improved request routing by connecting directly to the shard that manages requested data. This reduces inter shard communication and improves latency.

By the end of this course, participants will know how to use drivers in different languages to interact with a ScyllaDB cluster. You can read more about ScyllaDB drivers in the documentation.

It’s recommended you take the ScyllaDB Essentials course before taking this one.

*Course version S210.1