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Kubernetes Operator

ScyllaDB Operator is an open-source project that gives users an easy way to run and manage ScyllaDB via Kubernetes. The ScyllaDB Operator automates the NoSQL cluster deployment process and tasks related to operating a ScyllaDB cluster, such as scaling, backup, auto-healing, rolling configuration changes, upgrades, and more.

Some of the features the Operator currently supports are:

  • Deploying multi-zone clusters
  • Scaling up or adding new racks
  • Scaling down
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Integration with ScyllaDB Manager
  • Dead node replacement
  • Version Upgrade
  • Backup
  • Repairs
  • Autohealing
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

The lesson covers:

  • An intro to the ScyllaDB operator
  • Why do we need it
  • What it is
  • A deployment demo
  • A more advanced demo for deploying the Operator with the Alternator (DynamoDB compatible API)
  • How to use the Operator for maintenance operations
  • Some common tips and best practices.

Also, check out the GitHub project and the documentation.